What are the advantages of effective office design?

Posted on 27th April 2018 by CMI Workplace

We understand that one of the biggest challenges when putting together the business case for investing in a new office design is demonstrating the business benefits that it will bring.

Often a new office design is considered a luxury and comes with a hefty bottom line cost, to which there are few visual benefits directly linked or associated. In our experience, we have seen businesses who have invested in an effective new office design reap many benefits, including financial gains from more cost effective square footage, with improved employee productivity; cost savings due to improved operational efficiencies, environmental implementation to ensure comfort and a stronger brand and values, which attracts and retains better talent.

In this week’s blog, we outline just four of the key benefits of effective workplace design.

Maximum use of space

How much of your office space is 100% fully utilised all of the time? It is more likely that there are many un-used areas of floor space throughout your office – space allocated to storage, desks that are unoccupied, large meeting rooms that are used for 121 meetings, we could go on. However, we know effective workplace design will identify all these spaces that are being inefficiently used and introduce a design concept that makes maximum use of your entire office capacity. This invariably means that you will make financial gains through adding more flexible spaces to facilitate employee productivity or even releasing square footage and saving on rental fees.

Strengthen your brand and company values

Embarking on an office re-design or moving to new office space presents a perfect opportunity to look at the many ways that you can bring your brand and company values to life throughout your office space. This is also the fun part, where you can inject some elements of your brand, colour, lighting, imagery and values throughout your entire workplace. Evidence suggests that companies who bring their brand and values to life throughout their offices often have more engaged and connected employees, who are more able to reflect the company brand.

Engage employees

Happy employees are more engaged and therefore more productive. By creating an inspiring workspace through effective workplace design, you are assured that your employees will not only look forward to coming to work but will also be more productive when they are at work. It becomes self-fulfilling. An effective workplace design will provide a variety of working spaces for your employees, research has found that making all employees accessible throughout the space, in turn, creates more communication and collaboration. These spaces will vary from employees being able to complete the task at hand, be it working alone in a quiet zone or collaborating in teams and groups in one of the many collaboration areas designed into the office space. The knock-on effect is that not only will your current employees be happy and productive, they will feel involved and valued ultimately resulting in improved financial performance but your business will also become an attractive place to work – making recruiting top talent easier.

Environmental considerations

Employees are more likely to complain if the effects of the environment have an impact on their wellbeing. When sound, light and comfort are questioned within the working space there really is an issue to be addressed. You can add all the bells and whistles to an interior, but if the temperature, lighting and noise are an issue you are on a losing battle. Staff wellbeing is key and these are the basic elements to consider. Enabling staff to be able to carry out their daily tasks in a space that has great acoustics, the right temperature and control for the lighting really are fundamental key elements to consider when designing your own office of the future and will give you a successful and happy business.

If you are considering re-designing your office space or looking to move to new premises, its critical that you get the design right. We are experienced workplace design experts and would love to work with you on your upcoming project. Give Steve Crabbe, our director, a call on 01908 224160, he will be more than happy to assist.


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