How CMI Workplace helps its clients to improve teamwork within a co-working office space

Posted on 13th August 2018 by CMI Workplace

The rise of flexible co-working offices spaces over the last few years is down to one thing – they work! When people come together and share a workspace, ideas flow more freely, collaboration is easier, motivation can improve and overall productivity is boosted.

Many of CMI Workplace’s clients with the vision to borrow the principles of co-working for their own office design see huge benefits to the success of their teams. At its heart, co-working is about bringing people together; about sparking ideas, allowing creativity to flourish and making great communication possible. All these elements are the building blocks of success for many businesses. However, in many workplaces the workspace design is not optimised to allow this type of communication to take place.

Looking at the building blocks of successful teamwork and applying these principles to the design of a creative workspace can improve the way teams interact.


True collaboration begins at the top of any business. Those companies with a clear commitment to investing in their workplace design, maximising the opportunities for co-working, often see higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention than those who don’t. Teams work better when they feel supported and valued. Creating smart and inspiring co-working spaces for this to happen allows people the freedom to work to their best.

Smart tech has transformed the co-working space. Rather than the silo mentality of the past, the modern co-working office space has flexible, tech-enabled spaces where teams can come together both formally and informally. Using visuals can massively improve understanding and communication within teams, especially when working on complex ideas. We champion the inclusion of features like interactive group whiteboard spaces in the workplace, which enable employees to easily gather and share ideas, improving communication and understanding for the overall business.


A great team is a motivated team, and working in inspiring surroundings can go a long way to achieving this. The days of featureless meeting rooms as the only option for team collaboration are long gone. The best co-working offices include a range of co-working spaces for groups and teams to come together – breakout spaces with comfortable seating, semi-private booths or pods for more focussed sessions, or accessible communal workstations in open plan areas. CMI has recently implemented such a space in its Milton Keynes office for its design and architectural teams, enabling various groups to come together individually or collectively to run through ideas, meet with clients and suppliers and enable our team of local consultants to also use this space, thus creating our own creative hub.

Communication is king

At the heart of brilliant teamwork is great communication. Technology sometimes seems to have taken people further apart from each other – phones, email, messaging all mean we no longer have to be face to face with colleagues to communicate. In a well-designed co-working office space, technology becomes an enabler of communication, not a barrier. Allowing teams to physically be present together in group spaces in the workplace can mean fewer misunderstandings between teams. Communication is not just about what is being said after all – it’s also body language, nuance and tone. By bringing teams physically together for discussion in shared spaces, those real-world cues to better communication are much easier to read. The same can be said when teams are brought together across the miles via online video conferencing tools, which break down the barriers of distance.

A shared vision

Those businesses with a truly shared vision are often the most successful. Employees must feel empowered, heard, valued and acknowledged for true collaboration to take place. Bringing people together in co-working spaces to share ideas and skills creates a greater pool of talent, improving problem solving and ensuring employees feel they are contributing in a valuable way. By building this personal sense of self-esteem and job satisfaction within teams, businesses see benefits far beyond the project at hand.

Be inspired

The very act of sharing ideas about how to improve the co-working areas of an office can be the first step to improving teamwork. Listening to and valuing the input from the various groups within a business is at the heart of great workplace design. As a truly creative workplace design consultancy, CMI Workplace is able to inspire its clients with innovative and effective ideas for smart and collaborative workspaces. We start with a detailed space audit, and engage with employees through feedback and surveys to truly understand our clients’ needs. We can deliver completely bespoke co-working office design, to transform business efficiency, revolutionise teamwork, and create truly inspiring spaces which bring to life each unique brand.

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